​​South of Washington Square Park and nestled in between Mexican-Italian eateries, chess-shops and theaters so far from Broadway they may as well be in Queens - stood the legendary and custom jewelry shop C'est Magnifique. 

Started by Alfonso (Funzy) Albrizio and his wife Josephine, who had a knack for finding the best in rare jewelry, it became an iconic Village fixture specializing in the creation of imaginative costume jewelry for actors and artisans. 

When Alfred Albrizio joined his uncle Alfonso in the family business in the 80’s he brought with him an edge and a new focus on sterling silver jewelry making it one of the most famous jewelry stores in NYC.

In 1994, Alfred Albrizio III apprenticed under his father and began his career adopting and adapting his own unique style of classic tattoo art and skulls - culminating in the famous Jim Skull ring.

With a rich and interesting history, C'est Magnifique catered to five generations of the most interesting New Yorkers imaginable, from all walks of life including celebrity clients like Madonna, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Depp and Iggy Pop.

Sadly, in 2014, after rising rent costs and the passing of Alfred Albrizio Jr it had to shutter it's doors. Although C'est Magnifique no longer exists, it's authenticity, craftsmanship and legacy live on through the work of Alfred Albrizio III and his studio Sterling Assault.